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As Media24’s national sales and marketing division, Ads24 sells and markets an extensive range of Sunday, daily, biweekly, weekly, weekend and community newspapers to national advertisers and media agencies.
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Media24 Lifestyle is the leading magazine publisher in South Africa. Our vision is to use the power of magazine brands to create a personal world of information, entertainment and educational excellence that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Media24 Lifestyle has a centralised media sales function that enables it to provide clients with optimal service levels and offer them a wide range of media solutions across multiple platforms to meet their specific needs.
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The SpaceStation is the largest premium display advertising sales house in sub-Saharan Africa. Through an innovative partnership between and DStv Media Sales, The SpaceStation is the leading digital media sales company in Africa, enabling it to offer clients an effective single point of access to the biggest online and mobile portals in Africa. We provide opportunities for powerful cross-platform and multichannel integration of campaigns to over 20 million international and 12 million South African unique browsers each month,

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Editorial Solutions

Editorial Solutions24 is Media24’s content marketing division that provides advertisers with comprehensive, creative content solutions that will speak to their target markets. This division creates all-inclusive marketing solutions for clients encompassing all relevant Media24 products ranging from print to online and social media.
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