Saltwater GIRL

Saltwater GIRL (SWG) is a glossy lifestyle magazine that offers free-thinking teenage girls an empowering, positive alternative to mainstream media offerings. SWG targets the 17-year-old girl by delivering aspirational content in a unique and authentic way, with a 99% female gender bias and a primary readership of 14-19 years. The SWG reader is a self-assured style leader who hails from the top end of the LSM spectrum. She is proudly South African and firmly believes in keeping it real. In addition to the print product, SWG boasts an interactive online component, cutting edge mobile media and a forward-thinking events division in a bid to further engage with readers in a relevant and interactive way. 

Kontak ons


Naam:Bryony McCormick

Telefoon:+27 (0)31 533 7865

Posisie:Associate Publisher

Naam:Sally Cook

Telefoon:+27 (0)31 533 7878

Posisie:Sales Director

Naam:Craig Nicholson

Telefoon:+27 (0)11 322 0731

Posisie:Business Manager (Lifestyle)

Naam:Denise Wilkinson

Telefoon:+27 (0)11 322 0771

Posisie:Business Manager (KZN)

Naam:Eugene Marais

Telefoon:+27 (0)31 566 4178

Posisie:Business Manager: Digital

Naam:Terance Winson

Telefoon:+27 (0)21 443 9418

Posisie:Sales Manager (JHB)

Naam:Jane Ruinard

Telefoon:+27 (0)83 383 1756

Posisie:Sales Manager (CPT)

Naam:Abigail Wilmot

Telefoon:+27 (0)83 212 1141

Posisie:Direct Sales Manager (National)

Naam:Danie Nell

Telefoon:+27 (0)82 859 0542