STATEMENT: Competition Appeal Court rules in favour of Media24 in predatory pricing complaint

19 March 2018

The complaint referred by the Competition Commission in 2011 to the Competition Tribunal, related to the alleged use of one of Media24’s community newspapers in Welkom to exclude a rival community newspaper, Gold-Net News.

The Tribunal had found against Media24 in September 2016.

The Competition Appeal Court today found that Media24 had acted rationally and had not contravened the Competition Act.

In a judgment handed down on 19 March 2018 by its Judge President, Dennis Davis, the Competition Appeal Court unanimously found in favour of Media24 and ordered as follows:

  • The decision of the Tribunal of 8 September 2016 is set aside;
  • The complaint referred by the Commission to the Tribunal on 31 October 2011 is dismissed; and
  • The Commission is ordered to pay the costs of the appeal.

Said Media24 general counsel Songezo Ralarala: “We are delighted that the Competition Appeal Court has ruled in Media24’s favour.”