360 Advertising

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The SpaceStation offers a wide range of digital marketing solutions, including native advertising and video, mobile, programmatic, social, app, DMP and content marketing. It offers clients premium ad experiences that deliver insight-driven results across multiple channels.

As one of the most influential and formidable digital advertising sales houses in Africa, The SpaceStation executes world-class, multiplatform digital media solutions across more than 40 premium websites, mobile sites and apps from leading brands at Media24, 24.com and MultiChoice, making it a leader in the rapidly growing and evolving digital advertising arena in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

The people at The SpaceStation are tech innovators at heart and consistently at the forefront of digital marketing. They pride themselves on delivering excellence in digital advertising strategy and campaign administration, and with a full creative studio are able to execute across a wide range of strategically targeted products, audiences and technologies.

The SpaceStation offers unrivalled strategic and competitive access to over 28 million unique browsers globally and boasts 450 million page impressions a month. As part of 24.com, The SpaceStation is Media24 and Naspers’ leading digital media sales house in SSA, making it top marketers and media brands’ first choice.

For more info, go to www.thespacestation.co.za, or chat to them on Twitter @SpaceStationZA.

Download full rate card or email info@spacemail.co.za.